Testimonials Archive - Mustafa Akhtar


Ever since the word “GO,” Mustafa had our backs! He took the time to explain ever detail from the listing of our Property to the eventual purchase of our new home. He also took the time to really listen to what it was that we wanted in our new home and was honest with us when we started looking at properties. He was always cool under the collar, patient, polished, punctual, thorough, incredibly knowledgeable and very professional.

Mustafa’s “can do” and “will do attitude” was a true blessing. Which was certainly helpful when we were “stressing out”.
I would certainly use Mustafa and BLU Realty in the future and would not hesitate to refer him to a friend!


Mustafa Akhtar excels as a communicator, in creating new connections and fostering deep relationships with stakeholders. He is an outstanding project manager who keeps his team engaged and on track for the development of multiple projects.

Deb Pickman

Mustafa has a remarkable ability to build collaborations and accomplish even the most ambitious of tasks, proving it’s not the size of the team that makes it mightier, but its determination to succeed.

Shiloh Bouvette